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Data Analytics for Public Services: Beyond the Hype

Data analytics is the new buzz phrase these days. Public service agencies all over the world are looking at data in order to optimize service delivery, as well as help people manage their consumption of resources like electricity, water, and gas. However, data analytics, which is devoid of context, can be easily misleading and detrimental to the objectives of using it for public services. Continue reading Data Analytics for Public Services: Beyond the Hype

Dealing with Infrastructure Disruption: IoT Security

Editor’s intro: The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a hot topic because of unprecedented cybersecurity problems that have caused massive outages of key Internet services. IoT devices can help improve the lives of individuals, but lack of market incentives has led to huge cybersecurity vulnerabilities that threaten to undermine national infrastructure and public trust. Prof. Kevin Fu was invited to a U.S. House Hearing by Chairman Greg Walden of the Subcommittee of Communication and Technology and Chairman Michael Burgess of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade to discuss IoT vulnerabilities and what might be done about them. We are pleased to present a copy of his testimony. Continue reading Dealing with Infrastructure Disruption: IoT Security

Tim Cook at the Pearly Gates

By now almost everything that can be said about the Apple-FBI riff has been said. The FBI wants to open the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook wants to secure iPhones everywhere. It is a defining struggle that we knew would eventually take place as the U.S. government (USG) deploys every counter-terrorism technique they can think of, and Apple deploys every privacy and security technique they can think of. Continue reading Tim Cook at the Pearly Gates

Why Physical Cyber Security is Broken

Recent FBI reports of a dozen physical attacks on the Internet backbone near Sacramento, CA highlight the sad state of physical cyber security and policies to cope with threats to the Internet. Sacramento is an intermediary in the Internet backbone carrying east-west traffic; it connects Chicago and San Francisco hubs, and ultimately links the West Coast with the remainder of the U.S. and Europe. No wonder the bad guys physically cut the fiber optic cable near Sacramento—it is a critical link in the most highly traveled cables in the U.S. Continue reading Why Physical Cyber Security is Broken