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Tim Cook at the Pearly Gates

By now almost everything that can be said about the Apple-FBI riff has been said. The FBI wants to open the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook wants to secure iPhones everywhere. It is a defining struggle that we knew would eventually take place as the U.S. government (USG) deploys every counter-terrorism technique they can think of, and Apple deploys every privacy and security technique they can think of. Continue reading Tim Cook at the Pearly Gates

Is the End Near for the Apple iPhone?

Alphabet recently became the largest company based on its market capitalization, squeezing out Apple for the number one spot of all-time successful companies. Perhaps the reason is that sales of the Apple iPhone disappointed analysts and stock pickers alike. Apple shipped only 74 million iPhones in the last quarter of 2015, causing the stock price of AAPL to reach a new low of $94 on February 4, 2016. This slide of nearly 28% from its peak suggests the roller coaster is running all the way down hill for Apple. Is the iPhone’s decade-long run coming to the end of its marathon? Is the end near for Apple Inc.,  itself? Continue reading Is the End Near for the Apple iPhone?

Are Google and Apple About to Pivot?

Pivoting happens whenever a startup misses the market and goes back to the drawing board to construct a new strategy. A pivot is a radical change in direction forced on a company about to capsize. Continue reading Are Google and Apple About to Pivot?

Are We Wrong About Innovation?

We are gripped by madness about innovation. The popular press has latched on to the notion that creating ideas and imagining new worlds fashioned around these ideas are the keys to innovation. This notion is all wrong. Continue reading Are We Wrong About Innovation?