The End of Life As We Know It

European wealth surged after the European’s adopted Arabic numbers, including recognizing the existence of zero and infinity, which led to calculus and ultimately the Industrial Revolution [1]. Steam power, assembly-­line manufacturing, and applied science made Europeans the richest people in history, because technology increased productivity. But then the rapid rise of productivity came to a near halt, soon after the “Internetal Revolution.” Why?

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Net Neutrality and the Regulated Internet

Although Tim Wu introduced the phrase “net neutrality” in his 2010 book, The Master Switch his objective was to warn us against the eventual monopolization of the Internet through an emergent process known as Gause’s Competitive Exclusion Principle [1]. Continue reading Net Neutrality and the Regulated Internet

How Data Became Big

In addition to researching “A Very Short History of Data Science, “I have also been looking at the history of how data became big. Continue reading How Data Became Big

A Very Short History of Data Science

I’m in the process of researching the origin and evolution of data science as a discipline and a profession. Here are the milestones that I have picked up so far, tracking the evolution of the term “data science,” attempts to define it, and some related developments.

I would greatly appreciate any pointers to additional key milestones (events, publications, etc.).