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COVID-19 with a Smiley Face

We probably all know the aphorism “Laughter is the best medicine.” In this era of COVID-19, mental health professionals often remind us of the importance of maintaining our courage by maintaining our sense of humor. People love telling jokes, which is one way of doing this. Computer scientists and programmers are no exception to this truism. Neither are they exceptions to the dictum that the best jokes are usually the shortest jokes. Among professional comedians, these little gems are known as “one-liners.”

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The Natural: Extraordinary Ordinary Things

“It’s only natural.” This common expression is often used by modest people to minimize the perception of their contribution to an important task, and it contains a hidden danger. Suggesting that some things are “natural” implies that some things are “unnatural.” However, the natural and the unnatural are fuzzy concepts that may lead to illogical and contemptuous discourse.

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The Funny Side of Science

Some people have the strange idea that science is too straight-laced to be funny. These people are not scientists. True scientists love to tell jokes about themselves. To prove the point (scientists are always trying to prove a point), here is a collection of examples. Continue reading The Funny Side of Science