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My Robot Wants Your Job—NO

My fellow bloggers, Ted Lewis and Rodrigo Nieto-Gomez, claim robot automation of knowledge work is proceeding at such as pace that many workers will be displaced from jobs, and there will be no new replacement jobs available for them. Robots will take over all kinds of work and there will be no work left for humans. They further claim the only good way to address this inevitable socially undesirable situation is “basic income guarantee” (BIG). There is a more optimistic side to this complex issue and it is not as bleak and prohibitively expensive as BIG. To show it, I will briefly examine these questions:

  • What is new about job displacement with AI technology?
  • How fast is it happening?
  • What is a good social response to the disruption?

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Are Google and Apple About to Pivot?

Pivoting happens whenever a startup misses the market and goes back to the drawing board to construct a new strategy. A pivot is a radical change in direction forced on a company about to capsize. Continue reading Are Google and Apple About to Pivot?

The Self-Similarity of Tech

Silicon Valley, and the high‐tech industry in general, promotes itself as the inventor of the future, pushing aside old businesses and disrupting lifestyles in the name of progress. But I don’t think so. Actually, high‐tech is caught in a repeating self-similar fractal, where the gadgets may be new, but the business methods and processes are as old as the Industrial Revolution itself. Continue reading The Self-Similarity of Tech